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the goal line and no signal yet. no signal yet. touchdown niners. the niners take the lead with 1:44 on the play. still time for gradkowski to answer. well that was a long look here by the officials tom before they gave him the touchdown. >> i question that the way that this they called that because first of all, the bottom of that pile a lot of thing s can happen at the bottom of the pile. >> papa: that is a challengeable play. they can not tell from the end zone shot. and the raiders called a time out to look at a replay? they are out of time outs. the replay comes from the booth now. they have no choice on that one. they have called to let the guys up stairs look at it. this is the one you have to look at down the goal line. the mass of humanity here. >> a lot of things happen at the bottom of the pile. it's hard to tell? when you uncover all of a sudden the ball is on the goal line, i don't know about that one. >> papa: just cannot tell. i'm sure the replay is going to look at this, but i don't know if they will have enough jim to overturn it. cannot get a clean look at it. >>
. taking on the niners first quarter, first play from scrimmages. favre, the screen pass to adrian peterson. peterson with three catches for 25 yards. this one went for a first down. the favre said he wasn't looking forward to getting hit. second and 13 at the minnesota 40, watch out. here comes patrick willis right up the middle. take another look. the niners coming with the blitz and favre goes down hard. finished 1 of 1. played just one series had four plays second quarter, first and ten at the niners' 33. tavaris jackson backup showing his wheels scrambles for 13 yards, leads to a vikings field goal down 7-3. second and eight at the niners' 47. jackson gets sacked as well taken down by traction le boyd. he would finish 7 of 11 for 43 yards. move to the third quarter. niners still up 7-3. nate davis out of ball state avoids the pressure and goes way up top to ted ginn jr., big season acquisition for the niners leads to another field goal and niners win by a final of 15-10. >>> in baseball, cubs hosting the braves. lou piniella announcing his retirement after sunday's game. top of the fou
for the super bowl. there is no doubt about it. >> i'm excited about the season. great to be a niner fan this year. >> super bowl or bust for the parking lot. as for the players, like usual the two quarterbacks will be the topic of conversation. alex smith and brett favre. laura joins us live from candlestick. i'm guessing we'll hear boos from the candlestick faithful. >> it definitely is all about the quarterbacks tonight. most of the fans now starting to file in. kick-off a few minutes away here. despite the fact that the circus is in town fans can take heart. it's a sea of red and gold inside candlestick park. you will see purple scattered here and there, specifically purple number 4 jerseys. brett favre is here in case you haven't heard he signed earlier this week. on a national level we know most people watching the game, this is all they care about. brett favre on the field for his 20th season. but the niners don't care that it's favre or the vikings. they have not game planned for him. this is all about themselves going forward. it's a preseason game despite the hoopla. alex smith
for the giant. not so good. but we have football and there were good moments. niners and raiders in preseason action. jason campbell went down. plus the giants starting pitching woes continued tonight. this time courtesy of barry zito. whgo is onine g mock? what is going on >>> the final scores never matter. there is reason to get excited about the nfl preseason. the starters seeing the most snaps in game number three. it is a glimpse of what the regular season will bring. the raiders opening up the coliseum for another season as the niners crossed over the bridge to pay a visit. michael crabtree did not dress because of a sore neck. first quarter, raiders' opening drive. they waste no time. jason campbell finding darius hayward bayh. 7-0 raiders. they are cooking. second quarter. a scary moment for this offense. campbell gets taken down by travis la boy. stays down. he is taken off on a cart but was able to get in the cart on his own. before the half, the niners in the two-minute offense. alex smith to josh morgan. 16 yards, 17-7 niners. smith 9 of 15, 115 yards. the niners win. they are 3-0
beginning to warm up at least a little. that's a look at weather. here's dave with sports. >>> ex niners runningback glenn coffee explains why he quit on the team, and pablo on the way back? this homerun was big today, but was it enough to beat the padres? and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california. [ maget readycer ] for the ride of your life. turkey & bacon avocado. wipeout in waves of tender turkey and crispy bacon. gaze upon the rad rainbow of voluminous veggies and cool, sea-green avocado all on freshly baked bread. are you up for the ultimate? ♪ then you've got to try the totally new subway ultimate turkey & bacon avocado. carve one up today. crank up the flavor at subway. after jonathan sanchez couldn't deliver the goods... san fr focused on at >>> hop
. it is the battle of the bay. the niners' franchise player is back. giant and diamondbacks. barry zito goes for a win. today tiger woods looking like a mere mortal again. i.spor [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california. >>> tonight on the gridiron is the battle of the bay. the niners and raiders clash in the most important contest of the exhibition slate. game three when the starters see the most snaps in a preview of the regular season. the niners already with a big win. the holdout is officially over for franklin. he signed his franchise tender and immediately joined his team. franklin missed all of training camp but hopes to play in thursday's preseason finale for the niners. >>> the gian
temperatures at the coast in the mid-60s. >> dan: up next, the raiders and niners battling for preseason bragging >> dan: paris hilton faces felony charges for cocaine possession. she was arrested in las vegas last night after police pulled over her boyfriend's suv and smelled marijuana. when she was being questioned, police say a bag of cocaine fell out of her purse. these photos of her arrest were posted on t.m.z.com. she was released from jail this morning, three hours after her arrest and this is her mug shot from the clark county jail. >>> fans gathered at michael jackson's boyhood home in gary, indiana, tonight, on the eve of what would have been his 52nd 52nd birthday. michael's father, joe jackson, was on hand to cut the cake. >>> the niners and raiders, pretty good game. >> mike: it was. 49ers and raiders face if a tonight. the bay bridge battle and gives you that regular-season feel as a result of this cross-town rivalry. michael crabtree missing his second preseason game. jason campbell hits heyward-bey for the first down. same drive, michael bush from one yard out, capping a
in the bay area. details of the niners and vikings coming up. >> future cast a shown some really hot temperatures coming up. possibly surpassing 100 degrees. all have more for you coming up. h ring ring. progresso. why does it say box tops for education on your soup? oh, it's a program that raises money for schools. that's great, but this is a can. yes it is. you can't have a box top on a can. yes we can. but a can isn't a box. we know. i don't think you do. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. to earn cash for your kid's schools? with boxtops for education and safeway's 10% back to schools program as much as 50 cents per item goes to their schools when you buy products like these. look for the school bus tags at your local safeway. it's a belief in everything we do. it's a 5 year, 50,0. with complimentary scheduled maintenance no-cost replacement of wear and tear items and 24/7 roadside assistance. because when you create the most beautiful, fast cars on earth, you create an ownership experience to match. they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it
. >> i'm hungy now. there is a lot to talk about sports wise. >> the giants, niners, raider, all playing right now. after being shut out last night the giants hoping to find the bats that were presents for three games against cincinnati. they and the diamondbacks just underway. hard to know who to pull for this week in san diego if you are a gianting fan. the padres hosting the phillies. phillies broke a tie in the 7th when victorino hit this drive to center. making a dive but can't get the ball while it rolls. werth coming all the way around to score. the phillies would go onto win. right now they lead the giants by a game in the wild card. the padres lead the west by five and a half. >>> the niners welcomed their last wayward player into the fold. with training camp over, franklin signed his 7 million- dollar franchise tag tender. the niners and raiders just underway. we will have that at ten. >>> on thursday he was a co leader. tomorrow he will just hope to play a solid round to stay in the top 100. tiger on his first hole today of the barkleys in new jersey. that was a put for double
for 12th. >>> when we come back niners kick off the exhibition season against the colts and new guys step up bing . its football next. . >>> niners open their season today in indianapolis and there were highlights and low lights. manning got his trophy and led indianapolis to so points on 16 plays. this is their very first play from scrimmage. robinson -- mathis recovers. colts back up quarterback was the niners best friend. they intercept him three times. this is smith with a first pick and he has room to roam. 91 yards. the first touchdown of the season. after falling behind 10-0 san francisco runs off the next 34 points. niners new back up quarterback behinds curtis, some like it hot. tony curtis scoring the 80-yard touchdown. 98 yards, rookie running back dixon rushed for 100-yards on 21 carries. scoring a five yard touchdown. made a nice first impression on hissa attempt. . niners win it, 37-17. niners starting run be back gore didn't play. smith completes three of his nine pass attempts. he was intercepted once and led the offense to two first downs. >>> harvick has a new sponsor. b
're licking their wounds after the niners beat them in the battle of the bay. sports is coming up, and also your forecast. >>> it is going to be a beautiful day. we have a look, and a sneak peek at your weekly forecast. >> good morning, folks. these are the temperatures from yesterday. things didn't get very high, as you can see. we were well below average temperatures by at least ten degrees. we only got to 72 in san jose, should be to 82. only got to 61 in san francisco, average about 70 degrees. and oakland, well, they were just 1 degree below. things are going to be pretty much the same today. cooler than average temperatures. we have plenty of fog and clouds along the coast this morning. inland not getting much above 70s if at all. we're continuing with these below average temperatures. the good news is on monday, things will warm up. we're even going to see some 80s. at 8:00 this morning, things aren't very warm. we're still in the 50s and 60s in some areas, barely in the 60s in san jose. but by noon, things will be warming quite nicely. 74 in san jose, 78, los gatos. 64 in san franci
that he would retire because of his head injuries but now he will serve as back up here with the niners. >> we want to do everything we can to win. i am a quality guy and i can help this guy live. >> sure you have got say you feel more confident. sure you will say that because of all of the things that brian westbrooke has accomplished -- >> i can go out there worry free with my mind at ease. >> hopefully for his sake it is a thing of the past. if that's the case, the 49ers score. 1.25 million bucks guaranteed and incentives in here. he can run and catch. led the nfl just a few years ago. he is is a pro bowler. not sure how much action he will get when the 49ers take on their preseason game number two. and we have another awol for almost a week. usually it's the raiders with all the drama but this summer it's all niners. traded within the division. he goes to the seattle sea hawks. the niners get a late round draft pick next year. apparently unhappy with the team. he had a limited roll under mike single teary. we leave anything else? >> yesterday's game. >> he was not affected. a quarte
. locally the raiders' backup quarterback no word on how long he will be out to cure the forty-niners trimmed its roster they're released brandon jones today he signed in 2009 for the titans never caught on to make an impact. ready for the gold- and training can't fight let's go to the jet cap of the new york. pretty normal fights happen all the time i can't boys being boys. nobody seriously hurt. this was written for the hbo hard knocks cameras. the story there was cursing a little bit too much with tony. >> i felt that to he had fairly judged me it was disappointing to me. i'm always going to be myself. on a good person just because some classes' it does make them a bad person just because a guy doesn't koses does make a good person. so you know all stand by my merits. >> next run he curses and says he's a good guy tree when we come back promotes a not a race like john diana brandon and hold in definitive raceway the indy cars are coming this week to the sonoma and all the big names a 2005 grand prix sonoma champion is going to get on it is out here to sell it to tony for it's been
is for the guys in the team. >> vikings lineman said favre told him he plans to play against niners on monday. and smith says the return is no surprise. >> a guy like that, saying what do you do when he leaves here? when the game is done? if there is one year? two more years? is he going to regret that? >> and that i is what it looks like. >> usually what stops them stops an older guy is a lack of mobility and pressure. and he can still get the ball out z he is still in pretty good shape. >> we'll see you on sunday. 42 games left, still a lot of available left but giants under danger to be slipping out of contention. and former a joe blanton on the hill for a hot now. torres leading off. here it comes. there it goes. this is the way to start game. the 12th of the year, giants on top if a flash. a big fourth inning for philly. and there is a a couple of waters later jimmy rawlins, whatever he is wanting i want some. there is giants start out well, and there is only a solo homer to make it a 5-2 game. phillies break it open again. so there is when it gets worse. cubs gave up sacramento native d
forty-niners. the artist colony was preserved. we will be rebuilding the ellis griffin public housing site. -- we will be rebuilding the alice griffith public housing sites. it is 30 years of hard work coming to fruition. we are marking the economic development of this part of san francisco and marketing at the economic development of san francisco for the next 30 or 40 years. that means tens of thousands of jobs and all kinds of infrastructure improvements. if that was not enough from the budget to the hunters point deal, we were also an extraordinarily proud to have had speaker nancy policy out here, senator barbara boxer out here, and countless others celebrate our groundbreaking at the terminal. we will be developing a world- class grand central station on the west coast of the west coast. i call it a grander station. it is a new intermodal facility creating a regional transit hub. 11 transit agencies will feed in from 88 area counties into this world class hub. there will be ground-floor retail. there will be 2600 new units of housing. 30% of them will be available below market.
begins today. the forecast is next. >> thanks, lisa. also next alex smith and the niners battle the raiders for bay area bragging rights before the regular season starts. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in sports. ♪ [ female announcer ] yoplait's real fruit and the goodness of dairy... gives you a little slice of happy. and happess comes in 25 delicious flavors. explore them all. yoplait. it is so good. the yoplait you can't get enough of. now in a four pack. how'd you do that? do what? it tastes too good to be fiber. you ma it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. do it again. turn it into sometng tasty. this guy's doing magic. there's chocolate chips in here w. hod you do that? right! tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, umm...read her mind. what's she thinking? that's right! i'm not thinking anything! [ male announc ] fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. delicious yes. >>> a volcano that hasn't erupted in hundreds of years is spewing ash and sand into the sky in indonesia this morning. experts say it started rumbling a few days ago and this
sports. the niners have finally signed abrao franklin to a one-year $7 million deal. the team exercised the franchise tag on him. he will suit up thursday in the final pregame season against san diego. last night the niners and the raiders met in oakland for the preseason version of the battle of the bay. here's shu with all your highlights. >> good morning. well, the 49ers and raiders faced off last night at the coliseum. this is not only a bay bridge battle but gives that you regular season feel as the result of this cross-town rivalry. raider's opening drive, campbell hit bay for the first down, dhb, three catches, 46 yards. started to look like a first-rounder. michael bush one yard out. 7-0 raiders. his first preseason game frank gore had two rushes and one was right here. 49 yards bouncing off tackle he evers. d still struggling. niners would not convert though. back to field the punt. the seventh round pick, daylight, gone! 83 yard return to the house and the niners go up 10-7. the raiders in possession. former star travis lavoie around the left edge and nearly takes campbell's h
. a pair of deadline deals. find out who is coming and who is going. the niners are ready for some there was ba ollne there was n oneotable absence. sports is .next n ne >>> it wasn't long ago any deficit was too much for the giants to overcome. not anymore. especially when they face the rival dodgers and jonathan br k brockston is on the mound. barry zito tried to do what he couldn't the last time he pitched a gem. win. he wouldn't again. not his faultd. rafael furcal looking. sick strikeouts for zito today. we are still scoreless. the next inning, zito allowed three runs, one of them spelled big trouble. casey blake, the solo blast 1-0 dodgers. one run in seven innings. zito was in line for the loss until the eighth. buster posey is sitting on first and pat burrell is going to drive him in. taking jonathan brockston out of the park. 2-1 giants on top. they get their second straight save without brian wilson and an exciting win. the giants didn't let today's trade deadline pass by. shoring up the shaky part of the roster the bullpen. it cost him a pair of familiar names. first sa
niner fan. he got me into the niners during training camp. >> if the fiance likes it, you are in. 49ers open preseason august 15th at indy. the raiders august 12th in dallas. now it is about jerry rice. his hall of fame induction four days from now in ohio. he got to the bay area 25 years ago from mississippi and he has yet to leave. >> the bay area is so special to me because of, you know, this is my -- this is my history. getting drafted by the san francisco 49ers, this country boy coming to the big city and to have the city to welcome me with open arms and being able to go out there and entertain so many people, you know, on that given sunday or monday or during the super bowl. so, you know, my legacy is here in san francisco. i have so many great fans and i just love this city. >> the huge part of the bay area community. >>> when we return the highest paid player in baseball says he didn't get the no ashe he was a no show. maybe he was hanging out with his new girlfriend. those people are happy 'cause they're gonna have a good time, and they've got extra money in their pocket. those
. the niners got d teks we. back thiekwe. sports is next. >>> it has never been quite this difficult for tim lincecum. last year he was putting together his second cy young season. tonight timmy is facing st. louis, a team he dominated 5-0 with a 1.54 e.r.a. against the cards in his career. a team the giants are battling in the wild card race. lincecum no hits through three, but in the fourth randy wynn the leadoff home run. 1-0 cards. bottom six, 3-0. john jay, single up the middle scores albert pujols. timmy would allow's baserunner and gets pulled with two on and one out the bullpen gets out, six hits, four runs in 5 1/3. trailing 4-0 in the eighth. >>> aubrey huff and pat burrell are good friends and are entertaining. they are a big reason the giants are in the playoff hunt. they are doing it their way as the lumbering water buffaloes in the outfield. don't take it from me. >> i saw some fans in left field with water buffalo signs. >> i've seen some signs in left field saying aubrey huff, best athlete on the team. >> what did it cost you? >> yeah. good point. >> they are entertaining. th
are comfortable with the idea that there's sufficient uncertainty around the forty- niners. if and when they decide to come back, we'll have the opportunity to have a full debate with the board of supervisors about what is the best -- of public benefits. in this scenario which is the only -- that we can count on right now, the existence of that bridge for transit purposes is fundamental to both the land use and financial underpinnings of the project. if we have to deal with the uncertainty about whether those fundamental underpinnings were reliable, it would frankly make it impossible for us to move forward with the early phases of the project. the amendment applies no institutional controls that are factually inaccurate. we have talked about the fact that many here in the land use committee, we will be utilizing the remedy is on the site and institutional controls. the epa has provided an added layer of construction. it would prohibit housing on the shipyard and that is obviously inconsistent with some of the basic land use elements. this would use fuel standards and these are inconsis
football. >> that's right with raiders leading 7-3. niners, adams returns punt 83-yards putting san francisco ahead 10-7. alex plaid the entire first half completing 9 of 15 passes including a touchdown. finds wide open josh morgan 49ers take it. 17-7. raiders come back, quarterback throws a touchdown pass, right. to his own louis murphy cutting the niners lead to three. late in the game niners get another touchdown from anthony and the niners win 28-24. >> on to baseball, oakland as fix rangers in arlington. harden through a 6 and a 3rd. that did not phase barton. he hit 2 run shot makes it 3-0. as. suzuki, and barton scores again. a 4th hit night for suzuki. dallas pitcher, braden, had one of the best offences all night long he throws a 4 hit shut out as win 5-0. >>> okay meanwhile san francisco giants hosted the arizona diamond backs, top of the first, bases loaded. hits a double into the opposite field 4-0 arizona. gives up 9 runs, 3 and 2/3 innings but they weren't always far. jose dropped the pop up, 2 more runs scored. 6 run first for arizona, and 9th. adam, blasts one into t
. here's the subtraction. the forty-niner traded awohl line man to sales. all dho get was 6 round selection in next year draft. niners so reason to get rid of bomber they dealt him to a rival by coincidence the niners open the regular season at seattle september 12. pre-season monday night football 1.6 billion at the stadium. jets giants bad day at the office for manning collide with own running back jacobson and blood gushing 3 inch gash required 12 inches but he is okay. this is better than okay. look at free agent 7 iser victor cruz. 1 handed. 64 yards the touch down. rookie out of u mass scored 3 td for the giant as they beat the jets 31-16. on to baseball. a sent the prices prospect chris carter back down to triple a. first taste of the big she and kind of sour. couldn't get a hit over 19. speaking of hitless. a's host toronto. anderson showing hustle in the 2nd inning here. tumble on to first base to get lyle for the out. a's no hit for 7 innings yesterday. couldn't get a hit for 6 tonight. shawn gets kevin swinging. scoreless to the 4. anderson and league
. let's talk football. the niners hosted the vikings. they looked solid. i know it is only the pre-season, but this team is starting to look like a contender with all of the pieces falling in place. alex smith is playing like favre on his first drive. he hits walker and first down. he was 9 for 13 and 88 yards. it sets up dixon who gets to the corner for six. the rookie rushed for 51 yards and it is 7-0 niners. favre played just four plays. willis pounds him into the turf on one of them. fav re was one for one and 13 yards and let's move on. nate davis trying to inwith the back up quarterback job. check out the arm from this one yard line. 60 yards later and it that leads to a field goal. 49ers win it 15-10. >> i guess i felt better going out there and reacting. i felt like i moved a lot better. when you are in ota's in camp and you have a black jersey all the time, you kind of forget. >> we have been joking about it since last year. i was standing around the pile and he brought knee and knocked me down -- brought me and knocked me down. >> all right, a little baseball. giants' cy
. >> tears and niners consult the coliseum to liar. it is nearly over with the niners pulling out a victory. the game was bad news for the raiders, court iraq leaving with an injury. because it is still preseason, fans are optimistic but they're still hungry for winds. >> i've been a die-hard fans. i love find niner's i going receive them. i was expecting them to win today. >> i think a lot of guts to be carried out on cards. there is the defense says they haven't seen a long time. some one thing inaudible >> by the way this kind of rare glimpse of al davis. he got out of this town cartoons see the game. and 2007 they said he would not retire until the waiter raiders won two more super bowls. >> conservative pond in march as for washington on the anniversary of king's i have a dream speech. norland still has a long way to recover after five years over katrina. officers opened fire in a prison riot. those are just a few the stories still had on kron4 news. 0 owÑw today marked the 47th anniversary of martin luther king's i dream speech carried in washington today to groups gather near the sp
angeles. >>> are you ready for football? preseason game about to get underway for the niners and the raiders. laura behnke has that and highlights in morning sports. >> good morning. he's arguably the team mvp this season for one pretty big reason. as aubrey huff goes so too go the giants. no surprise while san francisco had struggled over the last few series, so has huff. so much so that he got thursday night off in order to recharge. last night he was back, so was bumgarner. a wild card showdown. talking to bum garner helping his cause. that's going to score mike from second. the giants take the 1-0 lead. the next inning, 2-1 giants now, sandoval the blast. the giants the 3-1 lead. until the seventh after a double, you guessed it. aubrey huff, the towering shot, a two-run homer. 2 for 3 with three walks. the giants go on to win, 6-3. closer to home, the a's continuing their weekend set against the rays after snapping tampa bay's win streak. top seven, the rays have led now it's 3-3. jerry blevins let them go deep a. home run, the rays up 4-3. the a's happen to come back. th
as he climbs higher in the top spot in overall points. >>> niners playing their first home game of the season of this pre-season. that game going on as we speak. against the vikings meaning a brett favre sighting. he is out of the game after one possession. niner lead in the second. >>> final score isn't the main concern in a pre-season game but the raiders had to be happy with the score and a lot more. the bears was pressure the quarterback. oakland had six sacks, four of them by cameron wimbly. they got him for a third round draft pick and would love it in he plays in the regular season like he did last night. >> it was a surprise to me that i ended up here but i like it here. i'm looking forward to playing in the regular season with the team. i gel well with the guys who are here. >> he is a guy that understands what you ask him to do. play itself the way you ask him to play it and we are fortunate because he can run. he has coverage skills. >> always something in your game you can improve. nobody has the perfect game even though you always shoot for that. i just hope that
, it should be breezy. >> let's go to sports. niners have finally signed nose tackle franklin to a one year $7 million deal. they exercised the franchise tag on him. he will suit up on thursday and final pre-season game is against san diego. niners and raiders met in oakland for the pre-season version of the battle of the bay. slu has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. 49ers and raiders faced off at the coliseum. it gives you that regular season feel as a result of this cross town rivalry. raiders opening drive, first down, 46 yards. finally starred to look like a first rounder. michael brooks from one yard out 89-yard drive and 7-0 raiders. frank gore had two rushes, one of them was right here. rushing deep and still struggling but they not with convert. second quarter, philip adams, back to field the punt. seventh round pick, she gone. an 83-yard return and 10-7. raiders on the ensuing possession, travis beats henderson around the left edge and nearly takes campbell's head off. he would leave the game with a stinger. alex smith scrambles, finds josh morgan, 1 they are
ready. this is a big evaluation for those younger guys. >> on sunday, the vikings face the forty-niners. this is likely to feature brett favre. he is returning to the minnesota vikings. he says it feels good. he says that he owes it to the organization to make one more try. >> i can promise you this, not that i had ever set out as a goal to play 20 years, 20 years, this is the last year of my contract. >> you have heard it here, he has done. the orioles look for the win against seattle the bucks showed walter how well guthrie has pitched the last six weeks. them lonthe only thing that is r than the aren't athletes -- outfits are his demand. that kind of command followed with quality movement makes him the case of this staff. guthrie making his case for the future. a reminder, you can watch the cal ripken world series this weekend on wbal plus. there is a double header on saturday and then the championship game on sunday. this is really cool for these kids to get to go and play in what is the premiere play in the country. they get a chance to be on tv. >> how is exciting about how exciti
and will take the field against the forty-niners. we have a decision already. >> i can promise you this, this is for about 20 years. this is the last year of my contract. i'm sure that a lot of people have heard this before. >> please stay with us when we check the forecast. >> improving weather conditions for outdoor activities. we will get sunshine back tomorrow and friday. scattered thunderstorms will win saturday afternoon. i think we can take a 90 degree day. >> that's a look at our news. if you missed any of those stories, we will have another broadcast at midnight. >> we will see you back here tomorrow night. frhe
$114 million in public contributions. the niners must still secure financing for the stadium. >>> the california supreme court today upheld prop 209, the 1996 proposition that banned affirmative action and public programs. ruling in a san francisco case the court struck down a city ordinance designed to help minority and women owned businesses. the vote was 6-1. the court said san francisco could save its program only if it can show it is a fix for entrenched discrimination but the court rejected the city's argument that prop 209 is unconstitutional. >>> it's time to check out the weather. beautiful day. >> a lovely day. still a little cooler than usual. jeff ranieri is standing by. >> it certainly is. while it's sunny out there we do have interesting things when you look at the meteorlogical side of the weather scope here happening today. right now you're noting winds northwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. typically this time of the year these winds out of the northwest, 10 to 15, even close to 20 miles per hour, would help to warm up our inland spots from the north bay to the e
bowls and holds the most yards ever. he spent 20 years in the n.f.l.. he left the niners in the 2000 season and spent four season with the raiders. he was fan favorite with dancg with the stars and he finished second in the competition. >> congratulations to jerry rice. and dancinin the sunshine this morning. >> it's braking out in oland and san francisco. so does that mean warmer? not really. it will make you feel better. heading outside cloudy but outside our studios, brighter skies and temperatures will be in the 60s. live look from high definion emeryville camera beginning to scatter out here. marine layer was 2,000 feet deep with mist and drizzle and 20 degree spread from half on bay to antioch. 58 in san francisco. you have not hit 70 deges in over a month. we may have it on for i by the middle of next week. three degrees warmer there but look at theeast bay, three to five degrees warmer in antioch and livermore. every little bit helps. still cooler than average and below average for the weend. we're beginning to thin out here in the palo alto area looking at sunshine. even ove
whether shilling's will be ready for the regular season. the raiders' they have the forty-niners coming up this weekend. speaking of the forty- niners how about yesterday's gains brett farr and the minnesota it vikings. the best he has looked in the preseason. first quarter smith sets up the pocket for a 24 yd completion of the ball control the name of the game for alex smith clear the ball from seven minutes of the first quarter. taking the option and the score a nice opening drive for the forty-niners who won 15 to 10 and brad farr 1-1 13 yds in a knapsack by patrick wallace. >> it was a much to evaluate to. army it's hard to explain to people which are trying to get out of four plays we play these guys last year it was 93 plays a big difference. >> that's not a bad defense your going up against one of the best secondaries in football. it was nice to execute he did a lot of different things to get it down there so, it was good for the offense. >> one of the side stories for yesterday's game is toby gearhart there. back in the bay area for the first time as a member of the minnesota vikin
. niners openinging reseason sunday at indianapolis. davis is ready. >> this is just working on little things like you're here. >> you goit oo. the niners going need rookie owes play well. they just lost center with a broken leg. david boss probably moving in to play center. there is the plan to start at full back full back or linebacker. there is more. senior full back owen mari kre. k will be making tackems at linebacker claiming the coach is responsible. >> giving players another chance to help out the team in any way they can. so i'm. >> that is something we have to pay tension to. i think with enough practice and dedication, and focus that won't be the case. >> you don't see many athletes playing offense and defense but the coach claims he's suited for both sides of the ball. >> this is a perfect football player, he just does many things right. he's embraced and commit toitd. we know it. and you know, we'll monitor this as it go autos and he will be one of the 16 men in college football but is willing to do whatever it takes to win a pac-10 championship. >> and what boy do for his
11thr 1th in the draf line up with rate tackle. 17thdaho. we pla guar th tness ikes. niner pre-se and d isready. daye get a littl ay is work the lit things like y u got e the the : niners need ro well. they terww. a broken leg he's busy fostanford. pto start at full back and . the y players inall ofcollege footbake with morenfordhon man.>> steps up this he throws wide open thi time ab ful owen playing both wa seasonhedinals. notocking l but tacr. hisoach isnsible. giving play chance to help the te any way so i'm very >> do aying one will take er. finitely s we have to ticeedication andthat won't b 't see athletes offand e at the college level. coach suit for both side of the ball>> anybody canll it off n. said this's the perf player. oes so many r embraced, to it, know i >>reporter of t fewe mene utaid he's wi to d it takes t win a chatanfordship. at st 7 sports >>> not as husual forars theye vying f perceived eat any that w better for coach and player peer h tme mor relaxed a carry over >> a lot is my shoulders to make sure i stay re i certai we al time.e warm-upp
ncaa investigation, the bomber missed practice for the third straight day and the niner head coach is fed up at this point. the first round pick out of north carolina. the reports indicate that he is investigating whether he played for a couple tar heel players to come and workout. there is involvement with an agent that is a part of the probe. the niners gave them two days off to deal with what they call personal issues. but bomber was supposed to be back at practice today. he wasn't. he said he planned to return. the raiders open up tomorrow night in dallas. that's where they would like to end the season. that's because the super bowl will be played in the new palace in dallas. campbell is expected to play the first quarter again the cowboys. and the tightened zach miller is fired up about his new qb. >> haven't had a chance to go live with jason. and we will in a couple days. it is always different in a game situation and i think it will be fun. >> and al davis was talking on the radio and gave a rare radio interview and said he thought jason campbell reminded him of jim plunket
to play football anymore. he decided it today. the niners were stunned. coffee was about to begin his second year in the nfl. the niners took him in the third round in last year's draft from alabama. he ran for 226 yards last season. he came into training camp in terrific shape. this is just shocking. but he decided he just did not want to play any are month. he told coach singletary, see ya. i'm done. >> after so many years working to get to that level. >> he told the coach he just doesn't have it in his heart. that's not a game you can play at half speed. >> good for him. maybe he will do something more meaningful. that is a coffee break, by the way. >> i'm dan ashley. hope you have a terrific weekend. see ya. good night.
against mike singletary and the niners? we have mixed results? touchdown here. also that big showdown series at china basin. giants and the padres. tim lincecum, we have problems. it didn't go quite according to plan. the pga championship just ending a few minutes ago. a strange and bizarre ending. and this guy not very happy. we're n ckbamemo int. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california. >>> it's been a sobering weekend for the giants. they are clearly not the best team in their division. tim lincecum, the face of this franchise, has some issues. things not going according to plan. big question around the community. what's the problem with lincecum. a few things. his fastball not as
. >> that was just moments ago in the santa clara. the westbrook, is property of the forty-niners and when he is going to be playing. certainly, he will be a practice tomorrow in the 49ers have been entertaining the minnesota vikings this weekend. and west brook time will tell. if he takes a blow to the head and how much does he have left? and if he can produce with the eagles! look out! frank norris love great backup. and now, without french court, there were at the post with a 34 on after points. that cut the 49ers points attention in indianapolis for peyton manning because mvp award. and mid season, once he got out of double game look out! and the earlier, fumble, and it turned into points. and the big play on the sides of the 49ers this reduce math. ! [laughter] and the defense, really quick-he is quick. and with 34 unanswered points and anthony dixon was just the man. he just ran it through, the colts the defense. 100 yds, and 37-17 victory. who knows? more of the forty-niners and cider kevin insider, and what moves the made. baseball, the a's and entertained the blue jays that is coming
. as for the niners, they have to wait until sunday to hit the field again. but we already know a couple players will have to wait even longer. tomorrow mike singletary ruled vernon davis and michael crabtree out for the game. both very limited in practice all week. now, that's good for precautionary purposes. but it's bad for getting into an offensive flow. and training camp reps, well, they're exactly what alex smith and his targets need right now. >> we've got to get the work in. we think we just have these names and we're going to show up on game day and get it done is totally crazy. we've got to get out here and get the work in and continue to take strides and get better. >> not only is the circus about to come to town this sunday, the circus is actually going to play. yes, brett favre will be under center for the vikings as they face the niners. with the on again, off again qb accepting to play the first one or two series of the exhibition matchup. get ready. it's going to be crazy. but he'll not be hooking up with one of his favorite receivers from last season, percy harvin, the wideout n
to deal with the rain delay and extra innings in atlanta. was it worth the wait for the giants? >>> niners legend jerry rice is in canton. what was he doing on the eve of his induction into the hall e o what does he have planwhd r pl thecatpe sh? a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan, something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more. >>> they need the national league wild card and are in the thick of a pennant race. still many believe they're missing a big bat. in atlanta that power player was not needed. neither was a hit. it started with a two-hour rain delay, then barry zito on the mound. struck out ten braves in seven innings. didn't factor into the decision. bottom six, tie game. two mistakes, here's one of them. the braves' second solo homer of t
not play. next saturday at the oakland coliseum, bay area rivalry, 49ers and raiders. the niners and the raiders will also play in the regular season. the raiders also looking pretty sharp. when we return we're going to take a break, we go to the locker room for our live coverage of the players getting off the field. we have laura standing by and two reporters on site. we'll check in with brett favre. not quite what he was expecting including that sac by patrick willis. a hello to our guest cameraman, alex smith. really? running camera two. remarkable how he can change so quickly. we're just now getting started. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton. [ brakes hiss ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your iphone when you get at&t u-verse tv. at&t. rethink possible. >>> welcome back to sports sunday prime time. the 49ers beating the vikings t
's going to be a lot cooler. but this time friday rolls around. >> for raiders and the niners played their first game of the season three weeks from today. today the niners to on the vikings in their second preseason game. kron4 is planned joins us live. with more on this game in the retentive brett farr to the bay area. >> pskov less about this for a second farber is the story, the subplot was the game itself. were show you pictures this was about an hour before kickoff a little bit before 4:00 this afternoon. biking stand in candlestick park no. 4 jersey is everywhere. just signed for a glimpse of the 40 oral far if. who made his gal return to the team earlier this week after a big star layoff. bigger ovations for his first nfl preseason game. 13 yds past adrian peterson. well and he guessed what he's back. it's an all-out blitz by the 49ers' led by linebacker patrick wallace. and that was it for plays and out. but listen to these transplant to minnesota this and allow for no. 4. >> thinking is this a shot. were to go to when right now. and he really gives us a chance. >> so happy
who have missed time, michael crabtree returned yesterday for the niners after missing nearly two weeks with a strained neck. that doesn't mean he'll get into the game in oakland on saturday night. the team not making that decision quite yet. but what the niners do know, this injury certainly has not helped the offense get into a flow. >> it's to the point where the continuity that we have to have, we still haven't, at this point, gotten the total group together with all the components. >>> well, what is it like finding out your husband cheated on you with countless mistresses at the same time that the rest of the world found out? according to elin nordegren, it's hell. tiger woods's ex-wife speaking out for the first time since the superstar golf er's life was expos exposed. nordegren went to "people" to tell her side of the story. she said she never suspected woods to have an affair let alone many and did not hit wim with a golf club on thanksgiving. now they're both moving on. >> my actions certainly led us to this decision. and, you know, i certainly made a lot of errors in my
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